What can I expect when visiting Moab FBC?


This is a place of welcome. 

Our hope is that you’ll feel like a part of our family from your very first visit.

In fact, we don’t believe in coincidences.

If you’re here, there’s a reason.

This is a place of hope, of comfort, of joy.

This is also a place of change, and this church is filled with people whose lives are being transformed.

We know that everyone who walks through our doors is in need of the transforming power of God’s love.

And that’s exactly what we believe you’ll find here.

This is a place where you can belong.

What to expect:

Come as you are; leave changed forever! 

At our Sunday morning worship service you’ll find people of all ages and all types dressed in all sorts of ways worshiping God together.

You’re encouraged to wear whatever allows you to focus on worship.

Our music is a blend of contemporary and classic worship styles so you’re bound to connect with something.

And we invite you to be more than a spectator; we invite you to participate.

Lift your heart and voice in worship together with us.

(If you need any assistance, just ask an usher.)